Seph Cove, photo courtesy artist

New year, new music from one of our recent favorites.

Aussie newcomer Ben Steiner (aka Seph Cove), who made his debut last year, has returned with his new song "Helen," a breathtaking, absolutely soaring new track, once again produced by fellow Aussie favorite Tim Bettinson of Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

It's the latest from Seph Cove after his October release of the standout track "Sirens." This latest offering is one of redemption and amity, focusing on friendship and the need to remind people you care for that they are enough.

"I wrote this song in response to learning about the upsetting half-year a friend of mine had during the lockdown in 2020," says Steiner. "It was such an important reminder to have perspective. I wanted to let my friend know they had support and that despite everything, they were a very, very good person."

Of course, the arrival of "Helen" also comes with further good news, as Seph Cove has confirmed he'll release a new EP called Unsafe Passage, which is set to be released on Feb. 18.

Hear "Helen" below.