Rebecca Lader

We know it's the end of the year and your mind is all over the place. But if you have two minutes—specifically, two minutes and 16 seconds—you should give a listen to this new track from Rxseboy.

The emerging alt-hip-hop artist has linked up with bootleg boy & Heroe for a new song called "Leaving," and we are so hooked. It's a shame it's only two minutes, because it escalates so subtly and then reaches an emotional peak before quietly fading out. But there's so much packed into those brief 136 seconds. (Our recommendation is just listening on repeat a few times.)

“This song is about learning to live with the newfound freedom and guilt that comes along with falling out of love with the person you thought was your forever," says Rxseboy of the new track.

As we tip into a new year, many of us are probably evaluating some relationships, leaving some behind or starting a new journey, maybe opening a new chapter. Whether you're in a "new year, new me" phase or just need a chill jam, here it is. 

P.S. Rxseboy says he's releasing two new songs on Dec. 29, so you're welcome.