Photo courtesy artist

Austrian born, London based singer/songwriter Lea G has just unveiled her new five-track EP, YOU(TH).  Like reading diary entries from her journal, the EP is a personal look into her life, touching on her feelings and emotions of a teenager right up to adulthood. She speaks honestly and openly about her first love, new experiences and general coming of age stories, which make for a relatable listening experience. 

Probably one of the most relatable tracks is “MISSING OUT.” A song which delves into the almost impossible task of making enough money to live in a major city (in particular, London.) Sometimes you have to weigh up the pros and cons of living in a capital city - great for social events and career, but not so great for the bank account! The songwriter admits, “I was missing out on the things I should be doing in my youth - going to parties, having fun and meeting new people instead of following my dream and working really hard on my music.” Reminiscent of Sigrid, her soul-soaked sound and playful instrumentation create big and bold tracks, emanating color and vibrancy. 

“MIDYOUTH CRISIS” is self-explanatory. We’re all familiar with the midlife crisis, but the struggles we face during our youth are extremely underestimated. Faced with decisions about careers so early on in our lives can add massive pressure and oftentimes people fall into things that actually aren’t right for them. Lea G’s sweet, sugary vocals add an innocence to her words, while her lyrics provoke much deeper meaning. Delicate piano melodies and jangly guitars provide the backdrop for this catchy tune, which has been capturing the attention of listeners across the globe. 

Sending good vibes all around, Lea G shares, “I want my listeners to feel like they are not alone with their feelings, with the uncertainty that growing up and finding your way in life brings. We are all misfits and just trying to find our tribe. I hope I inspire them to be themselves and to see the positives."