Photo courtesy artist

Toronto indie artist Nightshifts, otherwise known as Andrew Oliver, has just released a masterpiece of an album with the stunning 11-track album, Stir. Written over the last couple of years, when the world was in turmoil, Oliver found himself suffering the consequences of the global pandemic, going stir crazy with the never-ending lockdowns and restrictions. But his pain is our gain, as the result is an album which not only allows for relatable anthems to sing along too, but also demonstrates the sheer musicality and talent of this young musician. 

Starting the album off right, is the upbeat, infectious “Tunnel Vision.” Touching on the difficulty to stay present, he speaks about his wandering mind, sharing, “I very often get caught up thinking about past situations, and looking towards future ones. I write a lot about this imbalance. And ironically, the times I feel most in the moment is when I’m working on music.” The colorful track brings to mind the likes of Phoenix and The Strokes, giving us equal parts jangly indie guitars with vibrant synthscapes. 

Name me a more unlikely collaboration than Nightshifts and Platinum selling rapper The Game. The two got together for the genre-defying “20s,” combining Oliver’s silky vocals with The Game’s lyrical rap lines. The result is a true bop and the perfect go-to when you need a mood booster. 

Similarly to “Rest”, “Easy” gives us a mellow, atmospheric tune, with oscillating synths and twinkling melodies. Oliver clearly has a knack for creating laid-back, breezy music where you can sit back and lose yourself. Succeeding in transporting listeners to a place of paradise, he sweeps us away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, giving us a moment to escape the madness and find some solace. 

“Credits Roll” brings the album to a serene end, with a muted funky tone and slow and steady groove. This track is the cherry on top of an album which already seems to tick all the boxes. Believe me when I say you’ll have this album on repeat for the next few months or more!