Peter O'Sullivan

Rising duo Angus Campbell and Eliot Porter (aka Two Another) are back with new music, a new single called "You're Gone." But beneath the song's addictive melody is a story of heartbreak and empowerment. 

The new song is the latest in a string of singles from the Variance favorites. And it might be their most meaningful release yet, if not the most personal. 

According to Porter, the song's lyrics of secret young love and a special yet doomed relationship are reflective of his own very real struggle "growing up gay and feeling I've had to live a double life."

"You're Gone" tells the story of a hidden high school romance restrained by the toxic masculinity of an all-boys school. The song ends with heartbreak as the two young men feel the burden of their secret outweighs the love they have for each other.

"It took me years to realise that my sexuality does not define my personality," says Porter in a note shared after releasing the song, which he says nods to the feeling of being "undeserving of relationships that we both want and need."

The release of "You're Gone" comes ahead of what is likely to be a busy year for the duo, who will kick off 2022 coming to North America to open for Flight Facilities on their upcoming trek, which includes stops in Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Brooklyn and more.

Watch Two Another's live performance video of "You're Gone" below.