Photo courtesy artist

Nathan Horst and Jesse Proctor (aka The Light The Heat) is heading into the weekend with their new Afterlight EP.

The project includes the standout title track, which premiered this past summer on Variance. And like that single, the project is reflective of this moment, especially as the world tries to emerge from difficult times, while still facing so much heartache and uncertainty. It's a reminder of what is good and the overall brighter days ahead.

“For us, 2020 was a year of reflection,” says Horst of the new material. “We found ourselves and woke up like, ‘How can we become our true selves and not just be spectators, but actually get involved?’ It encouraged a lot of self-reflection. For me, I focused on being a better dad, a better husband, and a better friend in addition to being aware of societal issues that seem out of reach, but very present in our lives. We try to touch on universal subjects in a tangible way.”

Hear the full project below.