Photo courtesy artist

World's First Cinema continue to keep a grip on us with their newly released single "NightChild."

The wonderfully chilling new track follows a string of haunting releases, including "Make Me A Monster," "Supernatural" and most recently "Perfect Hell," all painting a very eerie yet captivating picture from the duo as they further tease a darker, more theatrical new phase of their musical journey.

"'NightChild' is a Dracula-inspired theatrical pop punk anthem," says the duo. "We felt that writing the song within the limits of the chosen theme would be a really fun exercise. It's challenging to make such conceptual music still feel pop and hooky for an uninitiated listener but we feel the result is something special and it's one of our favourite songs we've released. We recently played it live for the first time and it was one of the biggest moments in the set which is always a positive sign."

Hear the new song below.