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Transatlantic duo LAIKIPIA have just unveiled their new album, All Hail Hyperion, and to say it was a unique listening experience would be an understatement. The ten-track release welcomes listeners into their own world, which they have been steadily building over the last few years. With a meticulously planned out storyline (check their Instagram for proof), LAIKIPIA have crafted a visual and sonic universe to truly lose yourself in. Band members Xander Rawlins and Taylor Harrison demonstrate their musical versatility throughout the album, with songs blending a variety of genres and themes. From more electronic focused tracks to powerful rock anthems, it appears that there is nothing LAIKIPIA can’t do. Harrison shares, “We just wanted to make music that flows out of our minds without forcing it in any specific direction. While the tracks end up extremely different, we’re confident that they can feel united in one body of work through elements outside of “genre”. We see all songs existing within one cohesive “sonic universe” that we call LAIKIPIA.”

Entering with bang, title track “All Hail Hyperion,” sets the tone for the album. Fierce, bold and determined, the duo deliver an epic anthem, captivating audiences and holding them hostage for the duration of the album. 

“The Hits Keep Coming” is a relatable song about the hurdles life throws at you. With an infectious chorus, quirky synths and jangly guitars, the track emits a general feel-good vibe despite its sombre lyrics. 

The feisty “Painkiller” which features Will and the People gives off almost a tribal feeling, with a heavy percussion section and booming drums. Building and building, the track explodes into a rather chaotic and all-encompassing release. 

Bringing the album to a close is the echoing, atmospheric “Remember.” With a calming tone, Rawlin’s soft, velvet vocals reflect on the past, accompanied by an amalgam of different instruments. Harrison shares, “Remember is a song that commemorates a lifetime of memories, from looking back on the beginnings of the LAIKIPIA journey, to looking back on memories from my grandparents who recently passed, to my childhood and all the adventures I’ve been on in my life.” 

Overall, All Hail Hyperion is a listening experience unlike any other. If you want to delve further into their universe, then you must check out their music videos too.