Tatjana Duenas

Los Angeles-based artist Tempest has released a new three-song project called Lemon Pepper—or, as she calls it, her "3-piece special."

While it's initially just an appetizer, the newly released offering is more than that. Keeping with the food theme, the three songs are reflective of a concept told through the lens of a chaotic lover's quarrel set in the parking lot of a Wing Stop, of course.

"Lemon Pepper is a short story about loving someone you shouldn’t," says Tempest. "About being the other girl by accident. It’s also talking about not wanting to be an option because we’ve seen where being an option can take you with this person. Pain. In the process of making Lemon Pepper I decided to have a more upbeat version of ‘Lemon Pepper Wet' ('Lemon Pepper Dry') because in the grand scheme of it all, 'it was toxic, but it was fun.'"

Hear Lemon Pepper below and stay tuned for more.