Photo courtesy artist

After confirming their new album over the summer, HONNE has now released the project, the extraordinarily titled Let’s Just Say The World Ended A Week From Now, What Would You Do?.

The British duo made up of Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher are absolutely in peak form on the record, which features the likes of Khalid, Pink Sweat$ and Griff.

“In the past, we’ve limited ourselves," admits HONNE, who crafted the new record over the course of 2020. “We might get to a section of a song and things are getting really exciting, but we then pull ourselves back and say, ‘Can we really do that?’ Now, we’ve sidestepped the rules and done whatever we wanted to do.”

There is definitely a new sense of confidence and freedom heard throughout the newly released record. And it's a welcome evolution from a duo who were already a Variance favorite.

Hear the new album below.