Maya Fuhr

Last year, Jason Couse and Wes Marskell (aka The Darcys) released their album Fear & Loneliness, their first since relocating from Toronto to Los Angeles.

Now, they seem to be kicking off a brand new chapter with a big new single called "Running for the Hills." The massive, driving new cut draws inspiration from the new phase of their career as they aim for higher goals in California. The track finds the duo reflecting on past failure but they quickly build momentum with a more forward-looking approach. "I'm not looking back," they declare repeatedly on the bridge.

"I grew up in Toronto; its coffee shops, shawarma restaurants, and construction sites are in my blood," says Marskell. "Toronto will always be my home, but I’ve had this ongoing love affair with Los Angeles (something I probably didn’t suppress all that well on our last few records)."

He adds: "I’m well aware that the bright lights of L.A. can often be a mirage, but I needed to live it for myself. This city has spit out people a lot better than I over the years, and I could easily be just another one of them, but that’s a fate I’d rather tempt than live forever not knowing. At its core, that’s what 'Running For The Hills' is about. It’s about change and it’s about looking forward, not back."

Hear the new song below.