Photo courtesy artist

On this busy Friday, newcomer Curtis Walsh is sharing his new single "Sitting Ducks."

The mesmerizing new track is the latest from the rising Irish singer-songwriter, who recruited Brian Fennell (aka SYML) to produce the standout new song.

"It's been the guts of 2 years now in the making," says Walsh. "This song is really important to me so I was determined to make sure I got it as close to perfect as possible before releasing it into the world. Everyone has hardship going on in their lives—some worse than others—but I’m a strong believer that every bit of pain and discomfort you face is a test for whether you’ll grow or wallow in the suffering."

He adds: "I know just how easy it is to stop pushing forward and wallow, so this is a song I feel I once needed to hear, and that hopefully a lot of others can use as a driving force into a better future and a better you!"

Hear it below.