Photo courtesy artist

At only 19 years old, for AUSTN, music is something that flows through him, showing us he is far beyond his years with his refined, professional talent. The young, viral star has dropped a vibrant electro-pop single titled “Touch” leaning into the lyrical context of the rush of love. Not only is this catchy but a whole movement of energy and style, making AUSTN most definitely one to watch.

“Touch” starts with a range of muted guitar riffs bringing a flood of energy and tension before the electronic twist enters. The build-up is heavy in plucked bass and shimmering backing synths, before the chorus crashes in with passionate guitars echoing into an alt ripple of reverb. The soundscape is not overfilled, with each element having its own place, perfectly lining the road for AUSTN’s voice to take centre stage. His use of harmonies and vocals is striking, the consistency of his stunning vibratos flow through the three stages of production effortlessly fitting in, while his youthful aura soaks the single in a fresh, dewy energy.

The single is about all things love, particularly the thrill of new love. The production feeds into the deeper emotions carrying an array of tension, excitement, passion and mixed euphoria. It might take to the sensibilities of electro-pop, but this is a certified dance single and something you can let your hair down to. Pulling in tones of Sia meets Post Malone, the artist shares, “For this song, in particular, I wanted to go in a direction that sounded more, dark yet upbeat, kinda edgy and a little mysterious.” With his current successes and maturity, it’s evident that AUSTN is quite simply a force to be reckoned with.