Photo courtesy artist

Lexi Mariah is an American pop artist known for her powerful songwriting and infectious melodies. Here to show us her retro-dance-pop, new single “Demons”, Lexi touches on inner demons, wrapping them up in the light of happy sonic wings. Influenced by artists such as Bebe Rexha, Cher Lloyd and Taylor Swift, Lexi shows us her vibrant and charming new music.

Produced by Kenny Cash (Sony, Disney, Nickelodeon, Netflix), “Demons” is an explosion of vibrancy, glazed in youthful energy resulting in an animated soundscape. Her music leans into the sonic world of Dua Lipa’s 2021, Future Nostalgia album, bursting with 80s hints, bold synths, grooving guitar riffs and a trunk of disco pop. The prowling bass and shimmers of keys lift you off the ground into a world of excitement, complemented with a wave of memorable hooks.

“Demons” talks about the struggle of finding the strength to trust others, fighting with your pain and going to war with your inner demons. Lexi shares, “I’ve made mistakes in the past of opening up too much, too fast and oversharing with people who I shouldn’t have overshared with. Because of this, I don’t always like to let others know how I’m feeling, so I’ll often hide my emotions even if they’re super strong.” Her music is a reminder to stay strong, dance through the pain and to not withhold emotions that need to be released. Taking dark subjects and putting them into a light-hearted sonic bubble, her music makes healing a little lighter and certainly uplifting.