Photo via Sabriel

The rise of female producers is evident, with female artists producing their own work or collaboration and Sabriel is one of the musicians shining a light on the unreal talent amongst the female world of production. Based in Las Vegas, Sabriel (pronounced shä brē el), has dropped her latest single “Pulse” following on from her previous 2021 singles including “The Flame” and “Fox In The Hen House.”

Her new track leans into themes of conditional love within an abusive relationship. Whilst channelling her nostalgic, sepia-toned memories, Sabriel found herself in a creative wrap, resulting in the birth of her latest track “Pulse.” Described as her favorite song off of her upcoming EP, the Las Vegas artist talks about her influence behind the single, sharing, "I was remembering when I was struggling with anxiety and depression caused by the relationship, while also missing the rare moments when I looked to this partner for comfort and support, even though they were incapable of providing me with the comfort I needed." As well as this, the track symbolizes the vision of crying in that certain someone’s arms for comfort and feeling totally isolated in their presence. She sings, “Tucked in your ribcage, I’d curl into a heart-sized ball. I’d pulse and I’d pulse and I’d pulse…”

“Pulse” elicits a glassy entrance of breezing chimes, rich electronic keys, a soundscape flushed in tropical birds and of course, Sabriel’s striking, unique tone. The drums explore throughout the track, feeling somewhat experimental, but calm and jazz-like, followed by a flicker of the saxophone. The single feels as if it almost has a no-through structure but the return to her lyrics, “I pulse and I pulse” make the track feel cyclical, but with each cycle being wondrously unique, unrepeated and quirky. “Pulse” is a kaleidoscopic journey through emotions, sounds and sonic visuals created amongst the jungle of neo-soul and hints of experimentalism. If you are looking for a new strain of music, art and musician, Sabriel is your woman; check out “Pulse” now.