Bernadette Marciniak

Los Angeles outfit Wax Owls are kicking off the weekend with new music.

The trio today released their encouraging, heartfelt new single "Carry Me," which singer Gerry Hirschfeld wrote with Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin.

"I have been a fan of the band since I was a kid, so I was very excited to work with him," says Hirschfeld. "I spent the morning of our songwriting session scrolling through old voice memos of songs I had on my phone because I didn’t want to show up to the session empty-handed. I stumbled across a voice memo I had made in 2018 when I had just finished law school and was living in Chicago. It had the first few lines and melody for what became the chorus; 'If I go to California, make believe I want ya.'"

He continues: "Kevin liked the hook so we built the song off of that. I made the voice memo when I was gearing up to move back to L.A. to start my career as a lawyer. I wanted to move back to L.A. but not to be a lawyer… even before I started the job, I knew I was just pretending that it was a good next step. Lyrically, 'Carry Me' is about just that: being on the precipice of a big life change but also knowing that the change was not happening for the right reasons. After a few years working as an attorney, I quit my job to pursue my passion."

Hear "Carry Me" below.