Photo courtesy artist

Just in time for the long weekend, Duckwrth has released a new EP called SG8*.

The eight-song project is a nod to and expansion of the name of his 2020 album SuperGood. It's described as a "ode to post-pandemic joy and rising above the inherent anxiety associated with the era." It comes as Duckwrth continues working on new music, while he is will be playing live this month, in addition to his recently announced dates opening for Billie Eilish's 2022 tour.

“Now that things are opening up and we’re living in this post-pandemic state of mind…no one is touching on the new anxieties," says Duckwrth. "The truth of the matter is we shake the dice every time we’re around people. And now I’m contemplating whether I’ve always struggled with anxiety or if the atmosphere change has bred a new thing in me."

He adds: "Deep down, I still just want to have a good time without fear because we clearly don’t know when this will end. SG8* represents pressing play and hearing something that’ll make you feel good.”

Hear SG8* below.