Photo courtesy artist

Stef is the viral fashionista and electro-pop artist showing us the power of femininity. The 21-year-old, dark pop artist collaborated with Grammy award-winning engineer John Greenham (Billie Eilish) to create her masterful single “sicc,” giving off Madison Beer vibes and fierce, strong energy.

Her latest track “sicc” touches on the 21st-century hook-up culture and the power and importance of knowing your worth, not letting people play with your emotions and being aware of the slimy ‘F boy’ heartbreakers. The Nashville based artist plays on innocent yet dark vocals showing how women are both sweet and strong and most definitely not to be messed with. The viral fashion guru reminds us that she isn’t one to be played with, as she sings, “Boy you make me sick / take me home I’ll steal your clothes and dip.”

Written in Los Angeles, the track gives off a rich energy of composure, confidence and class. With a prowling bass line mirroring the bad boy behavior, the single gives off a witty but sincere contour to the aura. The track emits forward-thinking production with big sounds fluttering over a minimal background resulting in ear pricking moments from both the sounds and vocals on the track. The synth-pop touches feel electronic with a pop sentiment. When it comes to Stef, not only does she have a quirky and desirable fashion taste but the ultimate pop star spunk, making her one to watch in the electro-pop world.