Photo courtesy artist

Earlier this summer, Chicago bedroom pop duo Worry Club delivered their single "Bleach." Now, they've done it again with the standout "Vince Vaughn."

Made up of Chase Walsh (singer/songwriter) and Zack Zagula (media/design), Worry Club is reflecting on something very personal this time around, as the hazy new track is inspired by the struggle of keeping up, being a DIY artist and fighting the very real battle of anxiety, stress and everything else which comes with the grind. 

"This song is about being an independent artist, constantly working to get my name out there whilst dealing with the inevitable bouts of anxiety and writer's block," says Walsh. "I go through this vicious cycle of trying to give myself a mental break but most of the time when I try to relax I end up feeling overwhelmed with all the things I should be doing instead.”

Let "Vince Vaughn" be the soundtrack to your hustle. Check it out below.