Yazz Alali

Wrabel continues to prove his undeniable prowess.

This time, he has released his song "london," which is at times heartbreaking and yet heartwarming, as he reflects on a past love who lives in London. The new track was co-written with  Stuart Crichton, Drew Pearson and Cole Citrenbaum.

“London will always be a second home to me," says Wrabel. "I didn’t go to college, so my months there making my first (and second) imaginary records were kind of my own version of it; being by myself in a whole different world, wandering around and finding myself. My first breakup happened there over the computer. In that feeling that you’ll never love again, I met someone, fell in love again in a cold winter in london. When we broke up, I found myself wanting to go back, wanting to walk the same streets where we met—that so close but so far away feeling.”

The new song comes ahead of Wrabel's full debut these words are all for you, which is out Sept. 24 via Big Gay Records/Nettwerk.

Hear "london" below.