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Contemporary acapella group Assemble are here to debut their fierce and stunning talent with their new single “Blue Monday.” The U.K.-based group shine a light on inclusivity and community with mixed voices, genders and ethnicities making their name very apt; their debut single means more than the lyrics suggest. The group shares, “With singers from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds, there is room for everyone to bring their individuality while creating a whole new sound together. To assemble means to gather as one, and each singer brings an essential ingredient. We bring a lot of different global spices together to create a brand new flavour.”

“Blue Monday” is a futuristic touch on the original track as vocal producer, MD and Assemble founder, Juliet Russell says, “I could just hear the track vocally - the undulating synths, the pads, the low choir sustained notes, the nod to disco.” With hundreds and hundreds of vocal segments, the Assemble crew pulled the track together through the midst of the 2020 events.

The power of the voice is shown through their dedication and passion, representing beatboxing drums, huge, melodic bass lines and swirling synths - everything is pumping with life and energy. Collaborating with World Looping Champion SK Shlomo (Bjork, Imogen Heap) Russell shares, “his beats give the track its rhythmic edge that elevates the track beyond a traditional choral sound.”