Stefan Kohli

Jeremy Zucker is continuing a string of recent tracks with his new song "Cry with you."

The track arrived Friday, and it's clearly an emotional offering, inspired by real-life events, serving as a promise to a friend going through a really hard time.

“Six or so months ago, one of my best friends was going through hell," says Zucker. "I was living in New York, they were in L.A. We would FaceTime every couple days, just for them to cry and vent to me about the shittiness of what they were going through. I was doing my best to be there for them without actually being there, and it didn’t feel like I was doing enough. One day I blurted out, ‘If I can’t be there with you, I’ll just cry with you.’ Of course it turned into a song. Check up on your friends.”

Hear "Cry with you" below.