Maximilian Hetherington

Once again proving she can do no wrong, Charlotte OC has shared a new song called "Centre of the Universe."

The entrancing new single follows a string of releases from the singer, and it's said to be reflective of the childhood moment when she discovered her own mortality.

"When I was younger (13), I was convinced that the world had been made for me and I was the lead character," she says of the moody cut. "I used to look at the window in the car and look at the moon and think it was following me because I was that special. I also had a conversation with my dad when I was younger where he was letting me know in a very sweet way that everybody one day will die. I remember thinking that I would somehow dodge death, again because I was so special...nothing can touch me."

She continues: "One day at school, my friend expressed she had the exact same thought process. Needless to say, the world as I knew it drastically disintegrated into a million pieces as I watched the spotlight I had painted above my head turn off. I had to start again, I had to realise that I wasn't special, I wasn’t the lead, everybody is the same and I certainly wasn’t going to somehow not die. When I did get my head around it, I felt myself becoming more empathetic and just a better person. I wanted to talk about this because it was such a brilliantly stupid and profound moment in my childhood and I’m sure (I hope) some fellow narcissists can listen to it and relate.”

Hear the new song below.