Tyler Jay Hanson

X Ambassadors are continuing a steady stream of music this week with the release of their new song "Adrenaline."

The pulsating new track arrived over the weekend and it's the latest preview of their upcoming album The Beautiful Liar, which is out Sept. 24 via KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records.

“In the past we’ve done songs like ‘Jungle,’ which is a very aggro rock song where I’m shouting the whole time,” says lead singer Sam Nelson Harris. “With ‘Adrenaline,’ I wanted to see if we could make something that felt just as anthemic, but where I’m whispering for most of the song.”

Following the release of the album at the end of September, the band will hit the road for much of the fall. See the tour dates here.


Listen to the new song below.


# SoundsLike 2021-09-09 14:58
So uh, are they gonna throw any credit to Billie Eillish/Phineas? Clearly lifted from Bury A Friend. Same driving beat, syncopation, and even the awfully blatant rip of her "aAAah". Even in his interview, he says "I’m whispering for most of the song", okay Billie?? Lol. Cool song and all, but seems to be a lot of borrowing without crediting going on these days.
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