Photo courtesy artist

Robert Ball is reminding us of the tenderness in intimacy beyond being sexual. “I Need A Man” is the ultimate R&B track flushed in jazz and soul. Ball's rich vocal tone is beyond captivating and charming making for a passionate, deep track, as the songwriter explains, “I wrote this song about being fatigued of people only desiring sex and 'something casual' rather than truly desiring a deeper connection with someone who knows your pain and will hold you and stay with you.”

Working alongside Grammy nominated musician Marito Marquez and accomplished producer Eric Lundgren, the silky smooth aura glistens with high-frequency chimes and slow tender beats dripping in R&B with sultry jazz tones. The tropical feel on the pickups of the guitar emit a dreamy feel with jazz chords caressing the calm and composed bass lines. The track touches on the feelings of closeness, the power of intimacy and physical contact being totally healing and powerful. 

Ball aims to remind people to take a deep dive into their mind and emotions to gain a higher understanding of the layered complexities of himself as an artist, a man and in particular a member of the LGBTQ community. He confides, “There are so few examples of ‘this’ type of vulnerability, tenderness and intimacy from black men…” We look forward to what’s more to come from the artist as he teaches us the importance of deeper thinking, while keeping it groovy.