Trenity Thomas

Newcomer Ethan Rupp (aka Tanisako) has shared his new single "Fire," and it's definitely like nothing you've ever heard before.

The 22-year-old Japanese-American artist has created a gritty, gnarly offering which teeters back and forth from sophisticated piano ballad to angsty, garbled rock cut. And while it's only just over two minutes long, it's enough to ensnare you in Tanisako's overcast, fantastical spell.

Raised in Santa Cruz, California, Rupp credits growing up at the skatepark for keeping him out of trouble. He had intended to become a mechanical engineer, but he moved to New Orleans to study music instead. But during the pandemic, he spontaneously sold his car and used the money to move to New York, where he found inspiration for his music, including "Fire" and his previously released debut "Young & Dangerous."

“I’m a nomadic person," he says. "I like change."

Hear "Fire" below.