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After releasing a string of singles, rising singer-songwriter Anthony Russo has shared his new project Blue.

The new eight-track collection is reflective of a hue of feelings which are seamlessly tied together as Russo showcases his incredible vocal range and confessional songwriting.

"I categorize my feelings with colors. The first songs that came to light were thrown into a folder titled 'Blue' as I felt they possessed the visual quality of that color," says Russo. "Once the folder filled, I entertained the idea of calling it 'Blue' and what that means to me, and why I instinctively felt that way about these songs. Nobody says I’m feeling 'green' today and there are no song genres of 'orange.' I also thought about how blue in different shades can elicit totally different feelings."

He continues: "A light sky is hopeful, and a dark blue is introspective, sad, and moody. I had songs across this visual spectrum—upbeat, nostalgic, introspective, sad, fluttery, dreamy, deep. The project is really my emotions on display throughout different moments in my life. From a lyrical standpoint, many of the songs were written with Master Of None (a Netflix show by Aziz Azari) playing in the background for its inspiration from its amazing cinematography and love/romance dynamics. I was single for most of this project. A lot of the songs were written in an attempt to manifest what I was writing about. I think there is a song for everybody and every situation someone might find themselves in."

Whether you fall in the "sad" blue or "dreamy" blue, Russo has you covered with this welcome soundtrack.

Hear it below.