Shervin Lainez

New York City duo 8 Graves are releasing a new project this fall, and they've just shared the lead single "Cold Shoulder."

It's an addictive, blistering offering, the first of their work produced by MISSIO collaborator Dwight A. Baker, who produced their upcoming Everyday Oblivion EP, out Nov. 19 via AWAL.

"I have always struggled getting close to people," says 8 Graves singer-songwriter Brent Carpenter. "My experiences with others have made me believe that I was incapable of real emotional intimacy, and that I’d inevitably hurt those around me. It has often made me attach a warning label to myself. I’ve told people to stay away and, unfortunately, there have been a lot of wonderful people who did just that."

He continues: "'Cold Shoulder' explores those feelings. But more importantly than just exploring them, it has given me an opportunity to really dive into them and decide that I no longer want to hold on to those beliefs. They don’t serve me anymore. I’ve decided to put those thoughts and voices into this song, and move forward as best I can, leaving them behind."

Hear the incredible new track below.