Jenny Arnfield

After bursting through and going viral on TikTok, newcomer Camylio is proving his buzzworthy status online isn't a fleeting one, as he delivers his debut single "love and hate" this week.

The track, which arrived on his 20th birthday, is a moving confessional, underscored by delicate piano keys while Camylio leans in on his own vocals, delivering an emotional performance which has a Shawn-Mendes-meets-Dermot-Kennedy energy to it.

"When you’re in a relationship, you share music and playlists. As soon as everything goes wrong and falls apart, you can’t even listen to the songs associated with that person anymore," says Camylio. "You’ve broken up, and you’re trying to get yourself together. You’re attempting to move on and put the pieces back together. However, all you can fixate on is if your ex is going through something similar.” 

Hear "love and hate" below.