Tom Odell has returned with his new album, which caps a long, gut-wrenching period in the singer's life.

The new album, titled monsters, is reflective of that journey, an emotional and personal one, which makes for a very stirring listen. The new record follows a dark period over 2018 and 2019 in which the singer battled his mental health, and he wrote his way through it, pouring his feelings on anxiety, capitalism, toxic masculinity and politics into what became this massive, 16-track record.

“I was writing songs like I always did, but it wasn't until I started writing about stuff that was contributing to my mental health problems that I felt like a record was forming,” he says of the album, also pointing to his struggles with anxiety.

"It always used to happen in bathrooms," he recalls. "I'd be out somewhere and then I'd walk to the bathroom and my heart would go at a million miles per hour and I'd feel like I was about to collapse, and I'd try to tell myself it was fine. That it will pass. That it's a state of mind.”

Hear the full album below.