HARLOR, photo by Chad Griffith

Alt-pop duo HARLOR has offered a worthy introduction with their debut EP, Letters to an X, which is out now.

The pair made up of singer-songwriter Nick Gerard and producer Max Anthony premiered their standout single "Heart Games" with Variance earlier this year, but now the full project gives a fuller picture of what is clearly a concept project, as each track is reflective of heartbreak and loss, at times deceptively so.

"This is our first EP release so it is a huge milestone for us as artists," the duo says. "The songs on this EP form a story, so we recommend people listen to it from start to finish in the intended order. Each song revolves around relationships leading to the end, which is why we chose to title our EP Letters to an X. The title groups these songs as messages to an ex-lover, and we hope the EP will help our fans with their feelings of lost love.”

Hear the full EP below.