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Last March, literally just days before the world seemed to come to a screeching halt, we wrote about new music from THE WLDLFE.

The band, coming off a successful tour with fellow Variance favorites Nightly, had their own tour planned. The world is a different place now, and thankfully, that includes more new music from THE WLDLFE, in the form of their eight-track Repaint My Mind EP, which is arguably their strongest release yet. And despite arriving in May, it absolutely belongs on your summer soundtrack.

While the familiar flares of boyband pop are still present, the Indianapolis outfit, helmed by brothers Jansen and Carson Hogan, seem to have ditched their playbook in favor of bigger sounds and more experimentation. Songs like "Perform Your Life," "Box" and closer "Blood Orange" are examples of this.

Additionally, the band is currently plotting a tour, but like many bands anxiously trying to get back on the road, those plans are still in the works. However, they do have a show in Nashville this Friday.

Hear their full Repaint My Mind EP below.