Photo courtesy artist

Over the past few years, Aaron Taos has shown us varying angles of himself as an artist and a musician. But it's hard to deny, he's arguably at his best when he's at his most vulnerable.

That strength is on full display on his latest single "I Must Be in Love," as he candidly lays his cards on the table in the title itself. Of course, Taos has long proven himself to be a mighty songwriter and he has a knack for making catchy alt-rock jams with big guitar flourishes and rowdy, playful tracks which lean in on his well-documented charm, but this side of his résumé is the most underrated.

"'I Must Be In Love" is a song of discovery," he says. "Rather than a direct statement, the song follows someone working through and ultimately realizing that they are in fact, in love. The verses serve as the confessional—the point where I am describing my symptoms to myself through the guise of singing to this other person. As each verse ends, the chorus comes in as the answer to the preceding ruminations. It hook lyrics begin more unsure, 'I think I'm in love,' to a bit more confidant, 'I must be in love,' to the final loud begrudging acceptance, 'Well fuck it, I'm in love!'"

He adds: "I always thought that this approach to a love song would be interesting. Love is such a visceral emotion that oftentimes the physical side of us realizes we are in the throes of it quicker than our brain will admit. 'I Must Be In Love' follows the head as it goes through the journey of discovering what the heart has already told itself a long time ago."

So yeah, Aaron Taos is a poet. What can't he do! (Listen to the new song below.)