Photo courtesy artist

Ross Quinn has released a new EP called Lost Time, his second project in as many years.

The British music-maker is following his previous project, last summer's Away With Me EP, which was his debut release. With his sophomore offering, he is further proving himself as an undeniable talent, separating himself beyond the flooded pop landscape with his ethereal vocals and distinctive production.

Along with the EP's title track are remixes of two previously released tracks, "Our Love" and "So High," the latter of which is a favorite featuring Maths Time Joy. The single "Lost Time" is also accompanied by a choreographed video which brings the song's lyrics to life.

"The song is about losing track of time when you’re with someone special; everything stops and becomes irrelevant," says Quinn. "Definitely something we’ve lost over the last year and maybe took for granted."

Hear the new EP and watch the "Lost Time" video below.