Photo courtesy artist

Emerging Los Angeles-based artist BEL has us hypnotized with her latest single "Isn't It Romantic?," which arrived Thursday.

The new song follows her recent releases "Something Beautiful" and "Treading Water," and it serves as a preview of the Clovis, California native's upcoming Muscle Memory EP. It has a brooding, Lana-Del-Rey-meets-Clairo vibe to it.

"After going through a breakup last year, I wrote this song through a sort of dramatic lens with some tongue-in-cheek lyrics because it really just felt so intense and silly at the same time," says BEL. "It’s about the in-between period when you don’t have the closure you want and you’re still really missing the person and their family and friends. I think no matter what side of the break you’re on, it takes a lot of willpower not to pick up the phone and act like everything is still normal."

Listen to "Isn't It Romantic?" below and hear the full EP on July 7.