Photo courtesy artist

East Londoner KAE SERA is dropping her 50’s inspired single “Dames Jean.” This haunting, sleek and totally unique single has a breeze of energy that is captivating and calming. Her latest song, produced by Jacob Bright (Holly Walker, North Downs), is mysterious and alluring. The storyline has much meaning as she explains, “this track was written when I was exploring the idea of gender and identity. As part of the LGBT community myself, I turned James Dean into a Dame because I wanted to nod to the frame of mind I was in during a relationship when all was unclear. This music put me on pause and the love in that got stuck is a reference to wishing time would stop and allow me to not have to make a decision on where my heart was headed. Making this track gave me the ability to express my emotions and reflect on memories to make better life decisions.”

With a jazz-esque shimmer, combined with tropical wooden sounding drums and bassy sounds, the constant one-two melody holds a sense of tension and passion. The track swoons in a far more chill aura before it develops, it’s hard to not see how divinely organic and clever the single is. The magical soundscape allows you to fully submerge in the storyline. 

The Londoner is showing us how inspiration, experience and sound can create the most divine and alluring songs. If you haven't already, go check this out!