David Lake

Born in Ottignies, Belgium, Can Guru? (Colin Crichton) is dropping his latest track “Winner Today.” With a dark tone but a beaming light of inspiration and motivation behind the meaning, it’s safe to say this track is about getting back up on your feet and not letting the dark absorb you. “Winner Today” talks about resilience, Crichton shares, “The song is about the ups and downs of winning one day and maybe losing it all the next, but never to give up on your dreams and ambitions. Always getting back up after you fall over.” 

Sonically the tune has a dark, electronic edge with an underlying trip-hop fusion. With energized piano stabs and a tight lap of the beat, the single moves in with robotic backing vocals before the track layers up. “Winner Today” has a rich mix of heavy synths, glazed metallics and electro vocals. The single is powerful, haunting and most definitely has a strong message behind the punches packed into this track. Inspired by artists such as Gorillaz, The Chemical Brothers and Hot Chip, Crichton found his love for electronic music after moving to the UK in the 90s. 

If you fall down, you have to get back up, and this is the single to help you with that extra push you need with the wise words of power from Can Guru?. After growing up with a classical background, to then moving into electro, trip-hop and more, the moments of raw analogue piano lends to his classical past. The harsher edge to the song is well suited, it’s firm but fair just in the right amount. We look forward to hearing more from the unique artist Can Guru?. Go check out “Winner Today” for a daily pick-me-up!