Photo courtesy Red Bull Records

When he shared his new song "Pepper" last month, Gavin Haley implied more music was on the way.

He was right. Now he has shared his brand new Bike Rides Alone EP, out now via Red Bull Records. It's actually his second project in the last six months, following his Unfolding EP, which he released in November, and it comes with a video for his new song "Garden," seen below.

As with the last EP, Haley doesn't shy away from his most vulnerable moments, but on the new EP, he showcases growth, as an artist and songwriter—and as a person who has had plenty of time during the pandemic to spend reflecting on life and how far he has come.

"I’ve battled anxiety and depression since I was a kid," says Haley. "Of course, looking back now, I didn’t know it was that. It was just moments in my head getting too loud. I found freedom and release in riding my bike. It allowed me to forget about the unnecessary pressures and anxieties of growing up."

He continues: "The start of the pandemic was the first time in a while I’ve had to reflect ... What makes this project so special is that I was the only writer. There was no one in the room to tell me what I should or shouldn’t say. Creating this project was the same feeling for me when I used to ride my bike as a kid—a way to escape the noise and be here now."

Hear the full EP below.