Photo courtesy artist

Armani Jackson is making a breakout on the hip hop and R&B scene with his latest single and visuals for “Out Of My Brain.” You may recognize Armani for his roles alongside Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter and Lionsgate's Cooties, or for his upcoming lead role in HBO Max’s Chad but now the multi-talented 17 year-old is showcasing his ability to connect with his audience through an entirely new medium – and we really like what we hear!

An introspective track with a strong emotional core, “Out Of My Brain” is a raw and honest recollection of the artist’s conflicted mind as he struggles to move on from a painful break-up. “I got some things in my head that I don’t really want you to know, one minute she wit me and the next I’m wakin’ up on the floor.” This enthralling chorus line is relatable to anyone trying to move on from an ex, only to feel pain of regret, loss, and anger over someone you were once head-over-heels for. Armani truly takes it to another level with his lyrical prowess, and the production work is nice instrumentally, with an ear-catching melody and energizing beat claps.

The video for “Out Of My Brain” effectively ramps up the heartache. Armani is seen in shades of blue and red color, providing an extra layer of weight in understanding the artist’s inner turmoil. He is often seen lying on the floor and pacing his apartment as he sorts through the multitude of thoughts and memories running through his mind.

Overall, “Out Of My Brain” addresses uncomfortable emotions, but it’s catchy and up tempo enough to be played in an intimate setting or amongst friends.

Check out the new single and video for Armani Jackson’s “Out Of My Brain” and remember pain is only temporary.