Blythe Thomas

Six months following the release of her Dawn EP, independent singer-songwriter mxmtoon releases her newest EP, titled Dusk. Opposing the title to her previous release, Dusk is led by singles "Ok on Your Own" featuring Carly Rae Jepsen and “Bon Iver.” Lyrically, the project elaborates on themes of self-reflection, personal growth, and distressing emotions towards others. Regarding its themes of complicated relationships and introverted feelings affecting other people, or the person themself; Dusk manages to give perspectives of both sides of the depressing emotions and how it affects them respectively.

To further speak on the meaning of the project mxmtoon states: 

"It's introverted and reflective, it's about sitting with the darkness for a little longer-finding the unknown and not quite wanting to move away from it yet. It's the way I wish I could make my previous music sound-sad, but beautiful." 

As for the EP’s production, the seven-tracks featured engineering and production credits from Gabe Simon, HOWARD, Pom Pom, Ian Fitchuk and Merrill Garbus. Much of Dusk’s composition includes somber pop elements with piano-based instrumentation assisted by mxmtoon’s melancholic vocals. Similar to her first album The Masquerade, Dusk also features stripped ukulele acoustics assisted by harmonious chords that provide a deeper meaning to EP’s essence.

In addition to the EP’s release, a group of artists including Ellie Black (@efblack36), Madeleine Welsch (@madeleinewelsch), Margaret Bialis (@mbialis), Bailey Crawford (@blycrawfordan), Simina Popescu (@siminiscribbles), and Nicole Gureli (@nicolegureliart) each with a featured illustrated page that represents a specific track on Dusk and can be purchased in a poster format. Be sure to check them all out here.

As for whats next for mxmtoon, her newest podcast, “365 days with mxmtoon” as she discusses interesting, weird, and funny events of that specific day in history and can be streamed on all podcasts providing platforms which you can subscribe to daily episodes here. Be sure to stream Dusk on all platforms and follow mxmtoon on Instagram and Twitter for details on upcoming releases and news.