Photo courtesy artist

U.K. singer/songwriter Molly. is an artist to listen to when you might be feeling a bit blue. Her upbeat, vibrant pop anthems are the perfect remedy to wash away any worry or angst and it’s bringing us a much needed ray of sunshine during these weird times.

Her latest single “Paradise” is the perfect example of her ability to craft colorful and captivating indie-pop songs, delivering positive vibes all round. With an impressive vocal range, reminiscent of Florence Welch and uplifting melodies which will make you want to dance, Molly. knows exactly how to grab your attention from the very get go.

“Paradise” was written this year, during the craziness of the pandemic. The songwriter was inspired, after spending hours on end, fantasizing what it would feel like to simply transport to a place where Covid-19 didn’t exist and the only thing to worry about was what outfit to wear and what meal to have next. Molly. reveals, “Paradise to me is a place that has no hassle or problems, where life seems so much more positive and easy. I’m sure many people will agree that life this year hasn’t been what they expected, but who knows next year may be better.”

Let’s be honest—we’ve all been thinking the same and imagining where our next holiday destination will be after this is all over. So while we're stuck inside our homes planning it, for now we can listen to “Paradise” and pretend!