Photo courtesy artist

Newcomer Joshua Rees McVey (aka BENTLE) has returned with a new song.

Months after the Aussie standout shared his new single "SCREEN," he's back with another, this time "ABOUT YOU (ABOUT ME)." The downtempo cut showcases flickering synths over a pulsating bass, with BENTLE's lustrous vocals front and center.

"ABOUT YOU (ABOUT ME) is like a voice memo to myself reminding me how we’re often quick to notice the most insecure parts of ourselves in others, when instead we should be much more gentle and aware," he says. "Gently embracing those parts of ourselves and letting others love us in our entirety."

According to BENTLE, he had been planning a big move overseas at the beginning of the year, but his plans were put on hold. "Gratefully, that’s what allowed me to take a breath and really strip back a lot of my rolling habits and ways of thinking," he says, nodding to the time he's spent recently working on new music.

The new song arrives as he continues to aim to release an EP sometime in the coming months.

Hear "ABOUT YOU (ABOUT ME)" below.