Ryan Magnani

There's a lot of pretty wild news coming out of Oklahoma these days (don't Google it, it's a mess), but then we get days like today, which marks the debut of Oklahoma City artist Chase Kerby's new project Hotel Nights.

His debut single under the new moniker, titled "Forget the 80's," arrived today, and it's simply irresistible, with a gritty, alt-rock core fusing effortlessly with the wave of a saxophone, which actually rings distinctly of the '80s, therefore making it hard to forget. But it's still incredible.

According to Kerby, the new material came about as his previous band dissolved and he faced "a stalemate" with the change.

"No band, my motivation seemed to be depleted, and my writing had taken a sorrowful turn that I didn’t want to be defined by,” he says, pointing to a trip to the Oregon coast as inspiration for his new phase of music. “One day I took the car and drove up the coast for a few hours alone with my camera. I stopped at every place that caught my attention on the drive back ... I decided to shelve the last three years of songs I had been writing and performing and start anew. Like I was leaving my old self and past in a physical place that wasn’t home.”

The first of the new material is "Forget the 80's," which can be heard below.