Photo courtesy artist

It's no secret this is a difficult time for the music industry, but there are plenty of glimpses of encouragement as artists press on and even newcomers continue to push through, capturing listeners' ears.

Such is the case with Irish singer and multi-instrumentalist Seán Ó Corcoráin (who performs as OUTSIDER). His debut album Karma of Youth arrived recently, and it's simply stunning. Literally from start to finish, it's incredible, with hints of familiar alt favorites such as The Cure and Arcade Fire, and a burst of sonic energy in the vein of Jack Antonoff's Bleachers.

"Karma of Youth is a phase used to describe the astrological phenomena known as ‘Saturn’s Return’, an understanding of your own personal intentions, motives, desires, and the emotional drive that we have as human beings occupied from the moment of birth,” says OUTSIDER of the album. “This documents the years leading up to my ‘spiritual awakening.’ Although I was not aware of what was happening to me, this album is a rare expression of a songwriter experiencing Kundalini.”

The album is out now via OK! Good Records. Hear it below.