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Brooklyn's Cal Maro has shared a sweltering new track called "Bad," which is most definitely not a reference to the song itself but the intense bedroom energy which inspired it.

The Charlotte, North Carolina native, who draws influence from the likes of D'Angelo, Frank Ocean and James Blake, calls the track a "pop song, but undressing," which is easily accurate. It was originally meant to be a faster song, but it wasn't until he slowed it down that it worked.

"The iteration that hit right was when we slowed it down and let the energy speak for itself," he says. "It's a strut. It's tequila in the system. It's the moment you're so shook, you know things are out of your control. But you're past the point of nervousness or doubt; you're feeling yourself. You're ready for it, and you're showing out because you know it's too good both ways for things to not come through."

"Bad" follows Maro's 2016 self-titled album and his recent singles and "Hollywood," a collaboration with fellow Brooklyn artist Michael Mason. If his tantalizing new track is any indication of whatever comes next, we can hardly wait.

Hear "Bad" below.