Danielle DeGrasse Alston

Troye Sivan is back with new music.

On Wednesday, he shared a new song called "Take Yourself Home." The track was originally intended to be released later this year, but as he headed home to Australia for a period of isolation due to COVID-19, he saw the song through a new lens.

“‘Take Yourself Home’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,” says Sivan. “The song is kind of a pep talk with yourself and the place you’re from. Grappling with your place in the world. I write these songs as a diary entry, then as life and places change and relationships change, songs can take on a new meaning entirely. Clearly, that has happened for this song, with what is going on in the world right now.”

In addition to the new music, Sivan has put out a call to creatives and freelancers who might be struggling with income during this pandemic. "I want to work with you and take the money I would be spending on music videos and give it to you," he said on Instagram.

Hear "Take Yourself Home" below.