Marie Wynants

Ahead of the weekend, Oliver Symons (aka Warhola) is back with new music.

The Belgian crooner has released his captivating new single "Look at Me," featuring Glints and Tessa Dixson, a preview of his debut album YOUNG LOVING, which will arrive May 10 via Sony Music. It follows his recent standout "Glow" as well as "Sportkar."

"'Look at Me' was the quickest song I ever wrote," says Warhola. "I was wrapping up the album and doodling something on the piano, when this upbeat little piano melody really struck me. From there on I managed to finish it within 24 hours and called up Glints and Tessa for the last touches. Very happy to share the end result with you all, it has suave upbeat pop vibe and speaks about falling in love and fixating all your time and attention to that one special person."

Take a listen to "Look at Me" below.