Image from 'Warning Shot' video

After closing out last year with a "Warning Shot," Jordan Tariff is heading into the weekend with a new video for his debut single.

As we previously mentioned, Tariff released the Chase Duddy-produced cut at the end of November. And now he has shared an eerie accompanying set of visuals.

Tariff, who has battled a rare lung disease and was told he might never play sports or sing again, added: "I don't like being told I can't do something, and I love proving people wrong. On days when my lungs give me a hard time, it pushes me further, because I don't want this to hold me back. Music is something that I love. I'm going to do it, no excuses."

"Warning Shot" is just a preview of Tariff's upcoming debut album, with plenty more material on the way in the new year.

Watch the new video below.