Photo by Raymond Van Mil

After releasing their new single "Loving It" last month, rising Amsterdam-based duo BUNGALOW is now ready to share a set of visuals for the infectious track.

The video, which was directed by by Isabelle Hauschildt, tells the story of a young couple who is obsessed with each other and obsessed with scent to the point of trying to capture each other's very essence in a perfume. The clip is premiering today on Variance. 

"The script was written on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, which is covered in tropical flowers and sweaty people," says Hauschildt of the inspiration for the video, which was shot on a very hot day (and night) in Amsterdam. "My room was scented with Thai oils and I was spoiled with traditional Thai massages ... Also, I spent most of my lay-over in the duty-free perfume shops! All of these impressions, and the hot, slow vibe of the track inspired me to write this script."

Shot in Amsterdam over a very hot day (and night) during one of Europe's recent heatwaves, most of the video was captured in slow-motion. And it's a perfect visual accompaniment for such an addictive single.

See the new video for "Loving It" below and follow BUNGALOW for more.