Image from 'The Hunted' video

Los Angeles alt-pop duo TJ Stafford and Caitlin Parrott (aka The Rigs) have released a cinematic new video for their single "The Hunted."

The intimate set of visuals follows Friday's release of the pair's new album World on Fire, their fourth project together after making music together since 2014, with music featured on The Walking Dead, The Affair, Parenthood and a number of other TV series.

In the new clip, directed by Bryan Mir, Stafford and Parrott are seen sharing what appears to be a private moment in their bedroom. But it's quickly apparent others are watching from outside, with signs reading "sinner" or bearing the word "love" crossed out, similar to those protesting marriage equality or women's rights.

The song is reflective of a "relationship surviving, and even thriving, in the midst of attacks and criticisms," and the imagery is an appropriately haunting reminder of the obstacles love sometimes faces.

Listen to The Rigs' new album here and watch the video for "The Hunted" below.